Sunday, June 16, 2013


Havent really been thinking about writing my life been up and down since I started letting these words out. My mind hungry for a topic no time for rules lessons or training just wanna get right into the game

Monday, June 10, 2013


If everything so platonic
I guess it's a bit ironic
The head saying "deal"
My heart some where hiding
Can't find it
Still looking
Seems vacant
I feel naked
N complacent
My emotions and feelings

N I'm caged in
But to know I can open the gate
Now I gamble with fate
Penetrating the hate
Chosen is a right
I'm glad I'm a citizen
Can't fall in love wit many men
Nor a minute man
Gotta put in work
Get that time n a half
Wanna add ya to the equation
Got a bachelors in Math
Need a soul of gold
N a heart of glass
Dick like a dinosaur
I can be a matador
Lack of discretion

Friday, May 24, 2013

New Age Me

After finding the prototype
Reminiscing of the obsolete
Returning copied keys
Choppin in the sheets
Kiss so perfect on my lips
Soft like a summer breeze
Timid remarks
Broken hearts
Everything in between
Calling him a king
Him calling me his queen
I long that portrait in my life
Thou the chapter has been closed
Then closed
then closed
Wish I could fast forward to the future
All I can do is playback n rewind
The time
The dark
Real rap in the car
Kicking it at the bar
Might have broke yo heart
But I would never hurt yo pride
Never wanna treat less then a man
So I keep u as best of a friend

Friday, April 26, 2013

Got Dam

As I lie my head on this pillow
Hair of wool
Skin of bronze
I know I was made in his image
Not sure if we resemble
So do our heart beats
Follow the same tempo
I just know you must be fine
Can't wait to look you in your eyes
So divine
And mine
The only thing that I can bear
Tell you all my thoughts and dreams
And I know know that you won't share
Show you care
Everyday I rise
Take a deep breath
Filled with praise
Then release
To whoever passes by
Whoever that I meet
I may try to stray away but
I can never get to deep

If my eye is on the prize
I will get when we meet

Friday, March 29, 2013

Never meant

Never meant to hurt
Never ment to make you cry
I regret every tear
Run down from yo green eyes
Had so many arguments
Always came back to the root
Your a man of your actions
Fell short of the truth
Well the one that I gave all my love
Far from my first
We were #teamnlove
We had it made
Everything was good

Fear of the next level
Diagnosed with commitment issues
I had no choice but to walk away
Sentenced to internal damage
Cause my package read fragile
Yet I was improperly mishandled
Made my heart whole
Then it cracked from the scandals
Should have protected myself
Kicked rocks in sandals
Smooth operator
Masked love bandit
Stole my heart
Didn't enclose a ransom
Washed away by his crimson
Pulse fell off rhythm

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Foreseen Bein

Now, I would never subject myself to the pain
These decisions I am now accounted for
Done so much wrong that I don't even count no more
Not mentally prepared
To endeavor the vision that is between my vision my hine sight
Realize I have became as parrel as a kite
That has yet taken flight
Men are from Mars
Women are from Jupiter
Which makes then delayed or stupider
If I could use that a verbal expression
Shots been called
A French connection
Why I always keep track of my money
Count up all my blessings
Mammal minds think in the opposite direction

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sorry for cutting back

Hair curly from the long shower life back on track I had to let it go
Now one foot forward left the devils street a few months ago
Hell ave not the place to go loving life is my kind of flow
This is just the start of me coming back GoodPoems sorry for cutting back